Lightbend Scala Language – Professional (formerly Fast Track to Scala)

Lightbend Scala Language – Professional

Object-oriented meets functional—elegant class hierarchies, seamless Java interoperability, maximum code reuse and extensibility, built to solve difficult concurrency challenges. Take your first steps in Scala with the best trainers!


  • Developers who have experience and proficiency in Java, C++, C# or Ruby
  • Scala programmers with minimal experience looking for a refresher
  • Managers who want to gain an understanding of functional programming


  • Developers gain knowledge and skills to confidently program in Scala
  • Certified Lightbend Trainers share coding insights that lead to high-quality code
  • Re-discover a passion for software – Scala is fun!


  1. Intro
  2. First Steps in Scala
  3. OO Basics
    • Ex – Define a Class
    • Ex – Define Class Parameters
    • Ex – Promote Class Parameters I
    • Ex – Promote Class Parameters II
    • Ex – Define a Field
    • Ex – Define a Method
    • Ex – Define a Operator
    • Ex – Use Default Arguments
    • Ex – Use Packages
    • Ex – Check Preconditions
    • Ex – Define Case Classes
  4. Testing
    • Tests: Group Exercise
  5. Collections and Functional Programming Basics
    • Ex – Use a Sequence
    • Ex – Use map
    • Ex – Use flatMap
    • Ex – Use filter
  6. For Loops and For Expressions
    • Ex – Use for-expressions
  7. Inheritance and Traits
    • Ex – Override toString
    • Ex – Define an ADT
    • Ex – Use a Trait
  8. Pattern Matching
    • Ex – Use Match Expressions
    • Use Patterns: Group Exercise
  9. Dealing with Optional Values
    • Ex – Use Option
  10. Handling Failure
    • Ex – Use Try


  • Level: Introductory – no previous knowledge of Scala is assumed
  • Length: Two days – 14 hours of classroom time, plus breaks
  • Approach: Beyond education – students code through a training case study and discover how to effectively apply Scala in their work environment
  • Requirements: Students must bring their own laptops with Java 8

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Date & Location

30/31 October

Franzensbrückenstraße 5/5
1020 Wien

openForce Information Technology

EUR 1.400,- (excl. VAT)

Combine your expert training with a visit to Vienna, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Wien - Neue Hofburg
  • Our training times always border to weekends for your convenience.
  • Vienna offers highlights and cultural specials during all seasons.
  • We help you with tipps and recommendations fitting your interests.

Course Instructor

Manuel Bernhardt is a passionate engineer, author and consultant specialised in reactive systems adoption.

As a certified Lightbend training partner he is helping teams of all sizes get up to speed with Akka and Scala, be it in German, English or French.


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